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Why Rooster? Here on the Island of Kaua'i where million(??) of chickens run wild, this particular rooster(top of Home Page) became a fixture at my job site.  Upon hearing the arrival of my truck, the rooster would come running up the driveway for breakfast.  He did not mind posing with the exotic wood as long as he was paid in food.

Rooster Exotic Woods offers many gift items such as Salt and Pepper Grinders, Bracelets, Small Clocks, Bottle Stoppers, Pens, FiberArt with turned wooden rings, and Jewelry Boxes. The gifts are made from a variety of woods that include: Amazon Rosewood, Blue Mahoe, Koa, Koa Formosa, Milo, Monkey Pod, American Black Walnut, Flaming Box Elder, Ziri Cote and others. For further gift items, please drop in on our on line store.

ROOSTER EXOTIC WOODS offers the following exotic woods lumber:  Amazon Rosewood, Blue Mahoe, and Koa wood.  The rare exotic wood, Amazon Rosewood, is similar to endangered Brazilian Rosewood, but without the CITES.  The heartwood of Amazon Rosewood is a rich dark chocolate color. The exotic wood Blue Mahoe has a blue, metalic tinted heartwood. Blue Mahoe or Hibicus elatus is one of the only species of exotic wood that has a blue cast to its heartwood.  Koa wood is prized for its’ great variety in figure. The figure of this exotic wood ranges from slightly curly to fiddleback.  The heartwood of Koa wood displays a wide range of color from light tan to deep brown.

The exotic wood lumber Amazon Rosewood, Blue Mahoe, and Koa that are offered by ROOSTER EXOTIC WOODS have been surfaced on at least 2 sides and the surfaced sides have been sanded to an 80 grit finish so that the discerning craftsman can better judge the grain, figure, and color of these exotic woods.

FiberArt by Susan Giuliano
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Koa and Amazon Rosewood Jewelry Boxes
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Amazon Rosewood Bracelets and Koa Pens
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